The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print

The Creation of the Cosmos II - Limited Edition Fine Art Print

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⚡ Made using latest cutting edge printing technology
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    A new version of the iconic Astrography exclusive

    This unique photograph shows an object identified by the cosmic signature NGC 6188. It is an emission nebula and also a reflection nebula. It is located in the constellation of the Altar at a distance of about 4,000 light years from Earth. It was discovered on April 15, 1836 by John Herschel.

    The Ara OB1 association formed in this region just a few million years ago. It consists of massive young stars. Thanks to the power of stellar winds, ultraviolet radiation and supernova explosions, they sculpt fantastic shapes, as well as the next generation of stars.

    Breakthrough moment

    This Fine Art Photograph is one of the most important I have ever taken – the grand Astrography adventure began. With this, it was possible to draw the attention of the media to astrophotography and to believe that there are people in the world who will want to treat an astrophotography as art and hang it in their living rooms.

    More than three years have passed since then. The Creation of the Cosmos hangs in many homes and offices around the world, and Astrography itself has grown into a syndicate of dozens of top space artists from around the world. In the previous year, we delivered more than 20,000 space prints, at a cost of nearly $2 million, making Astrography the largest supplier of astrophotography art in the world.

    The Creation of the Cosmos II

    A new masterpiece of astrophotography

    The upcoming 3rd anniversary of Astrography provoked me to create a new version - The Creation of the Cosmos II. The goal of this project was to achieve a much higher resolution, which will translate into a dramatic increase in the quality of large-format prints. I also expanded the dynamic range and color palette and significantly reduced noise.

    The material for this photo was collected over a period of nearly 4 years. The first photons exposed the matrix in the desert in South Africa. The rest was exposed with a longer focal length from Australia (mainly the center of the photograph). What's more, in the new version, the data acquired during the first sessions was scaled using Artificial Intelligence (Generative Adversarial Networks), with quite spectacular results.

    New versus old

    Several different setups were used to acquire the photons, including a WO Star 71 II APO Refractor with a ZWO ASI 1600MM camera (wide frame) and a Planewave CDK17 with a FLI ProLine 16803 camera, installed at two remote locations: Africa (South Africa) and Australia (SSO).

    Limited Edition Fine Art - Reincarnation

    With the release of The Creation of the Cosmos II, we are relaunching a unique series offered in Limited Editions on Astrography. They are distinguished from typical prints by uncompromising quality that meets the criteria of certified galleries and museums, the most noble archival media, and the analog signature of the creator. The print is applied to matte Hahnemühle paper (in existence since 1584) from the Fine Art series, which, combined with professional 12-color ink, gives prints a lifespan of hundreds of years. Such a print does not look like a photographic print. It is much closer to typically artistic artworks painted in watercolor, which, combined with the subject matter of the photograph, creates an unearthly impression.

    Fine Art Sizes

    The Creation of the Cosmos print is available in three different sizes: 53 x 30 cm (limited series of 500), 109 x 61 cm (limited series of 50) and 160 x 89 cm (limited series of 5). All prints can be framed - get back to us and we'll choose the right frame for you and arrange delivery (options paid extra).

    Adam Jesionkiewicz
    South Africa
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    Our Fine Art Prints exemplify the classic "fine art" aesthetic, featuring giclee printing with archival pigment inks for fade-resistant, vibrant colors. Printed on acid-free, fine art matte paper, they offer stunning reproduction.

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    A cut above the poster

    Astrography Posters surpass conventional posters with exceptional print quality and finish. Revel in the vivid colors of space and a striking satin finish that brings each artwork to life.

    Satin semigloss • Vibrant • Durability

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