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Blending Science with Art at Astrography Studio

As a world-renowned studio, we excel in crafting exceptional products that merge scientific accuracy with captivating design. Our mission is to ignite passion and disseminate knowledge about the awe-inspiring wonders of the cosmos, while showcasing the unparalleled beauty of Space through our stellar creations.


Adam Jesionkiewicz

Founder, CEO – Jesion (nickname)

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Dorota Jesionkiewicz

Co-owner - Administration and Finances

Astrography collaborates with numerous individuals and organizations, working together to accomplish our aspirations and visions. We express our gratitude for the contributions of artists, programmers, performance marketing specialists, our global ambassadors, and above all, you - our valued customer. What began as a modest endeavor in a living room has flourished into a worldwide initiative supporting artists specializing in space art.

30,000 Customers

70 countries

$250K/mo sales


We love to share the cosmos

We support commercial and non-commercial initiatives to promote science and space. See you face to face.

How it began

Astrography was born out of my unwavering passion for unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos and inviting you to join me on a captivating journey through the celestial realm. As an accomplished astrophotographer, I traverse the globe in pursuit of pristine, dark skies that unveil the wonders of the universe, often hidden from our everyday lives. Driven by my dedication to excellence, I established our in-house manufacturing facility, empowering us to deliver unrivaled, space-inspired masterpieces for you to cherish.

Today, my vision is to make Astrography the epicenter for space enthusiasts and explorers, uniting us in our collective admiration and curiosity for the boundless beauty of the cosmos.

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"How an astrophotographer captures stunning photos of space" - interview with our Founder Adam Jesionkiewicz.

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The Mission

Ignite scientific curiosity by unveiling the captivating allure of the cosmos.

Our mission is to embark on an exhilarating cosmic journey, sparking curiosity and inspiring space enthusiasts of all ages, including kids and educational institutions. We strive to unveil the captivating beauty of the cosmos through engaging resources that merge science and wonder, nurturing a passion for the boundless mysteries of the universe. Join us and ignite your love for space exploration today!

In-House production

Cutting edge technology

Astrography Studio combines cutting-edge, eco-friendly printing technology with premium substrates to create stunning, high-quality prints that surpass ordinary mass-market offerings.

Our products are meticulously crafted to cater to individual needs, ensuring exceptional quality control that surpasses stock production. Each creation emerges from extensive research and development, fine-tuning the technology to perfectly complement the captivating space theme. We take pride in utilizing only the finest materials, steering clear of low-cost, mass-produced alternatives for a truly remarkable experience in showcasing the wonders of the cosmos.


The inside story of Astrography

My small garage startup company — Astrography has lived to see A.D. 2021. A story about establishing and building a company from the perspective of its founder.

Making art, science
& space cool again.


What do customers say about us?

We are immensely grateful to our fans for helping us become the leading global seller of space art. With our products reaching over 30,000 customers across 70 nations, your support has truly been invaluable.

Would you like to help us, do you have any ideas? Let's stay in touch. Let me know what you think.

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