MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater
MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater
MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater
MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater
MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater
MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater
MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater

MoonPlate: Humboldt Crater

What makes it stand out?
  • ⚡ Stellar Quality: Detail surpassing low-cost 3D prints
  • ⚡ Educational Value: Tactile exploration of celestial landscapes
  • ⚡ Dimensions: 192 x 192 mm (7.56 x 7.56 in)
  • ⚡ Ready to hang: Metal rack for wall mounting
  • ⚡ Art Meets Science: Creativity and precision seamlessly blended
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Discover the Universe at Your Fingertips. Touch and feel the Moon Surface.

Unleash your sense of wonder and journey to new worlds with MoonPlate's lifelike planetary relief prints. Experience the tactile terrain of celestial bodies like never before, and bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe into your home.

This unique product is not available anywhere else in the world and allows you not only to see the cosmos, but also to touch it. The cement casting with craters of the moon is a spectacular landscape of the moon with unprecedented detail. The model reflects the actual terrain with high accuracy and is based on NASA scientific data.

Humboldt crater

Humboldt crater is a large impact crater on the Moon near the eastern limb. It has an irregular shape with a diameter of over 200 km and contains a network of channels called rilles, suggesting a complex geological history. he crater was photographed by spacecraft, providing scientists with valuable insights into the Moon's formation and evolution. It also features Catena Humboldt, a chain of smaller craters extending from its northeast rim. Humboldt crater remains a remarkable lunar landmark, offering a window into the universe's power and beauty.

Creator: Michał Zduniak,

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